Real estate in a different way.

Inmo Estilo wants to be a different kind of real estate agent than the rest, and that is immediately obvious when you walk into our offices.
No walls full of photos, no boring offices, but a cozy environment, filled with plants and the smell of fresh coffee.

We go for a personal approach!

We want to invite people to step in and talk to us about how we can fulfill their dreams.
Our small team consists of people who have a passion for real estate in their own way, and above all with the necessary know-how to ensure that the entire purchase process runs smoothly.

We take care of everything!

And last but not least, you cantalk to us in your own language, that’s so much easier!

Diane Van Remoortel, licensed real estate broker, a familiar name in Calpe when it comes to real estate, styling and holiday rentals, and passionate in everything she does, is the driving force behind the office.

We not only offer you all assistance with the purchase or sale of a property, we also can provide you with our Homestaging service, which makes your property stand out and will be sold faster for a good price.

Click on the link and read more about this in the article where we clearly explain what we can do.

And if you finally found your place, but do not feel like doing the decoration on your own, you can always use our styling service to style your house.

We also have a number of charming holiday homes and apartments in our offer that are rented for both short-term and long-term rentals.

In other words, just come by the office, you’re always welcome!