Looking for a house in Spain.

Buying a house in Spain is a complicated proces with a lot of different aspects to take into consideration.

Therefore it is very important to work together with a reliable real estate agent.

In Spain, notary performs a merely administrative function; it is us, as real estate agents, who have to verify whether all legal conditions are met, that there are no debts on the house, and so much more.


A good agent will also ensure that all direct debits are transferred in your name and will also clearly inform you about other administrative that you will have to forfill.

We are also happy to provide you with all the necessary information for requesting your NIE number, which is not only necessary for the purchase of a house, but also for registering a mobile subscription or for connecting to the utilities.


Good preparation is everything, just like your real estate agent’s choice. Therefore do not simply join forces with everyone, but opt for a recognized real estate agency with experience and a good name.

At Inmo Estilo we have more than 30 years experience in real estate and sales, you can rest assure, we are here for you, before, during and after the sale we remain available to help you. You are always welcome in our cozy office at the Salinas.

Buy in confidence, buy from Inmo Estilo!