Approximately 90% of buyers look online when they begin to search for a new home – needless to say, empty or unappealing properties get passed by pretty quickly. When rooms are beautifully furnished with the most current design trends, they are more appealing to the eye and encourage buyers to have a closer look. The goal is to draw attention to the best features of your property and transform your empty or uninviting space into a stunning show home that will appeal to buyers in today’s market!

If you’re selling a home these days, in most parts of the country, just putting up a for sale sign and hoping for the best probably won’t be enough.  Homeowners sometimes have to take extra steps to make a sale. For sellers trying to make a good impression, home staging has become a popular way to increase a home’s selling price and decrease selling time.

Home staging is arranging furniture and decor with the intent to showcase a home for sale. It could cost you nothing — a simple cleaning and the removal of day-to-day living items can sometimes be all you need. But it can also involve some financial investment — like painting, improving the landscaping and adding furniture and plants to give potential buyers an idea of what their new home would look like.

However, staging isn’t decorating. It’s more like depersonalizing a home so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves in it.

There are three primary factors home shoppers consider when deciding whether to bite on a property: the location, the condition and the price.” Since a homeowner can’t change the location and would want to stay firm on the price, that leaves condition as the most important variable. Most homeowners probably wouldn’t show their house without at least tidying it up, but staging a home involves other, more subtle, improvements that can make a home more attractive to buyers.